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Perhaps we oversimplify it. Perhaps we don’t. Take one Honda Fit or Chevrolet Sonic or Mazda 2, alter the exterior body panels, clad the wheel arches or bumpers in a modest amount of black plastic, periodically route power to the rear wheels without any fancy AWD systems, elevate the roofline, and increase ride height just a […]

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Posted by David Ian McKendry

Recently, dark content documentaries have captivated wide-spread audience attention, as shows like MAKING OF A MURDERER and THE KEEPERS became regular water cooler discussions. The new movie DELIVER US aka LIBRA NOS (currently playing at the Fantasia Film Fest) will no doubt garner an equal amount fascination and is a must for an dark content documentary […]

monday list

Jul. 24th, 2017 11:28 am[personal profile] runpunkrun
runpunkrun: combat boot, pizza, camo pants = punk  (punk rock girl)
Things to do today:
  • make granola
  • take a shower
  • read Star Trek fic
Things I already did:
  • made appointment for eyeballs!
  • ate breakfast!
Things I probably won't do:
  • figure out how to finish this fic
  • work with me here Rodney
  • you've had three years
  • stop mooning around on the sidewalk
  • and end this
  • or I swear to god I'll set fire to everything you love
  • I'll do it
  • fire is much easier to write than a happy ending
  • ask anyone

Posted by Davey Nieves

Lion Forge, for all their best intentions, has had a hard time finding its voice in the comic book industry. When I first encountered the publisher at smaller conventions about five years ago, their books were promising but nothing different from what BOOM! was doing at the time. I believe I still have one of those […]

Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the twenty-fourth and penultimate episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe, Steven realizes that residents of Beach City have gone missing. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Steven Universe

By virtue of the fact that I’ve watched season four over the course of many months, I felt like “Are You My Dad?” hit a whole lot harder than if I had watched this straight through. So… yay? Except BOO TO MY HEART, which was not ready for the final scene of this episode. I wouldn’t say that the hints towards this end were subtle, necessarily. It was pretty blatant that two creatures or people were stalking about Beach City. But this episode reveals that everyone who saw them disappeared shortly afterwards.

And while most of this episode is a set-up for something else, it’s not without meaning or emotional power. If anything, it’s kind of sad. We’ve never seen Sour Cream look so dejected as when he’s setting out to plaster the city with posters advertising his missing brother. The same goes for the eerie vacancy inside Big Donut, which is always so full of life and energy. Once you take Lars and Sadie out of the picture, it’s just creepy.

That’s a large part of the tension of “Are You My Dad?” We know that the people of Beach City make it such a vibrant and wonderful place. So what happens when those people are missing? How does Beach City feel then? That sequence where Steven wanders the boardwalk is a great example of how the show uses open space to unnerve the audience. Doesn’t the arcade just feel wrong without anyone in it? It’s the characters who give it life, who make it feel like a place you want to be. Thankfully, Steven finds Barb at the Big Donut, but they’re together for only a few minutes before they realize that this might be the start of something terrible. For the most part, Steven is alone.

Until her. I am not sure if her name is Topaz (was she referring to herself in the third person???), or if that gem was referring to someone else. But up to this point, we’d never seen a gem quite like Topaz. And I had so many questions upon her appearance! What role does she perform within gem society? Why did she act like she was innocently looking for her father? HOW CAN SHE EVEN HAVE A FATHER? What’s with the tear? WHERE DID SHE EVEN COME FROM?

I think it’s natural to assume the worst, and even before the reveal of what she was doing (alongside someone maybe named Chompers???), I figured she had to have come from the Homeworld. After everything that happened at the start of the season, it was only a matter of time before Homeworld retaliated. But… what the hell kind of retaliation was this? An innocent looking gem asking people for her dad? WHAT IS GOING ON?

In hindsight, I see how the writers set this up for maximum impact aside from how creepy it was. Once Steven and Connie head out to find the unnamed gem, there is just so much hope. I LOVE THEIR CONVERSATION. And after all the training that Connie had done, I felt like whatever they faced, at least they had a chance. But the reveal of what was behind those shadows was so completely out of left field that NO ONE, NOT EVEN THESE CHARACTERS, WERE READY. Just… WHAT IS THAT GEM??? If the blue one is Topaz, WHO IS THE OTHER ONE? The one I thought was called Chompers??? How can they just fuse organic bodies within their own? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW? I recognize that this has a very common structure for hero narratives, given that the final image is absolutely Steven at his lowest. He’s been knocked out, and he’s watching these horrifying gems (ONE OF WHOM HAS A WAND WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HARRY POTTER SHIT) leave with his friends fused inside of them.

I don’t even have a theory. I am just messed up.

The video for “Are You My Dad?” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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Posted by Matt Posky

Volkswagen will hold an emergency supervisory board meeting on Wednesday to discuss recent allegations that Germany’s automakers have been operating as an automotive cartel since the 1990s. Meanwhile, Daimler’s workers council is demanding answers from management as the automaker reels from a one-two-punch of collusion and emissions cheating accusations. “I advise the car industry to clear the air now, […]

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Posted by Rob Galluzzo

Based upon the graphic novel by Derf Backderf, the first teaser trailer for filmmaker Marc Meyers’ MY FRIEND DAHMER has just debuted. Before he became a notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was a shy, alcoholic teen who never quite fit in. This is the true, haunting story of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school. Starring Disney […]

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What do you all think about slasher films? What are some of your favorite aspects? Least favorite aspects? What are some of your favorite films? Know some obscure ones? How do you see the future for slasher films?

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This year marked the thirtieth-year in which the Gays in Comics panel has existed. When Andy Mangels began the panel three-decades ago, he called for all those interested to get “out of the closet and into the comics.” Five years ago, Andy announced that he would be stepping down from his leadership role. “It was […]

Posted by Timothy Cain

If the rate of growth FCA’s Jeep brand experienced in the United States in 2016 could be carried forward into 2017, Jeep would sell 1,000,000 SUVs/crossovers this year. Count the zeros. 1 million. For a company that sold fewer than 300,000 vehicles per year coming out of the recession, that’s an absurd figure. Jeep earned […]

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I thought it was interesting. The concept is kind of been done before, but I think this was a decently different take on the subject. Acting was good overall. Good production values. Definitely didn't scare me but can't win them all in that regard.

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Hey guys, Im looking for any horror films where the monster, killer etc is an evil version of something normal or even friendly. And example would be like Chucky, Jack Frost, a scarecrow or etc. I find this idea interesting because its always cool to see something we dont worry about end up being bad, or even something we know as a friendly thing or whatnot

Thanks in advance!

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So I've got a bit of interest in trying out Shudder finally, hoping to see if it's even a good idea though.

Is there any difference in content between the Canadian and American services? I'm Canadian and Netflix has left me kinda sour because of how much content is specifically not available to me for that.

On top of that my internet plan has a 100GB monthly cap (no, I can't increase it this is the absolute best option in my area), does anyone know the average amount of data a single stream would likely be? With my monthly cap is it even worth getting shudder?

Hope you guys can help, no worries if not!

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Posted by Rebekah McKendry

This past weekend at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, we had the honor of seeing Yoshihiro Nishimura’s newest film and the latest inclusion in the MEATBALL MACHINE series, MEATBALL MACHINE KODUKA. Nishimura has become famous worldwide not only for his amazing special effect work but also for his self-styled fast-moving gonzo films, all of which […]


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