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Our house smells like the sea. A sea-fog came in through the windows before midnight, as strong and salt as standing on the docks: I was lying on the couch and thought that if I looked out the windows, I would see water moving under the streetlights, and first I got Jacques Brel's "La cathédrale" stuck in my head and then I fell asleep. I was saying elsewhere in a discussion of dead zones/waste lands in weird fiction that someone must have set a weird tale in the deep anoxic waters of the Black Sea because it's too uncanny an environment to pass up (the millennia of preserved shipwrecks alone), but I can't think of any examples. I hope I don't have to write one. See previous complaints about research.

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My Internet is a fairly respectable speed (40Mbps down from CenturyLink), but when I used Vue earlier tonight to watch the Monday Night Football game, boy was it a struggle initially. After about a few minutes of pretty respectable quality with 60FPS, it would then nothing but buffer after that and I was getting real fed up. Plus, when I would cast to my Chromecast, it would take a little longer than it should when casting to it. Turning on my 5GHz network and using my Chromecast with that seems to have solved my problem though. :D

Turns out, I think my issue was that the main 2.4Ghz network of my AirPort Extreme router was being wildly overcrowded with a myriad of devices I had connected. (a whopping 6 devices; those being a MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, Hisense Roku TV, Chromecast, iPhone, and Google Home).

So after trying various things like restarting my modem and router and experimenting with various 2.4Ghz channels, I decided to turn the 5Ghz option of my AirPort Extreme back on, and lo and behold that actually worked!

So now, I have my iPad Mini (my primary casting device) and my Chromecast connected to the 5Ghz network, and so far, it has been nearly perfect. So much so that it practically felt like I was watching the game on regular cable or satellite. It's that good!

Also, another annoyance that I'm sure you fellow Vue users have had to deal with on a near constant basis here. For whatever reason, after a good bit of time has passed when you have been watching Vue on your Chromecast, your show sometimes will abruptly stop and the dreaded "Thanks for watching! Please select another program to continue Vueing." message. I got this quite a few times tonight while watching the MNF game, but only during the commercials thankfully. After getting the program re-casted, it would then be smooth sailing from there. Vue has been out for quite some time now, so you'd think Sony would have had this annoying bug squashed by now...

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I thought this was a extremely taut thriller. It was directed very well and always had this slightly off putting feeling in every scene. Just something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A great case of a slow burn that definitely paid off in the end. One of the better horror/thrillers I’ve seen In a while, I’d say the best since I’ve seen since Hush. Anyone else a fan of this movie?

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I'd love some insight on your favourite kills from your favourite movies! 🔪mine personally is the lawnmower scene from "sinister" this bloody movie chilled me to the core and has -to this day, been the only movie to give me actual chills and nightmares! Go give it a watch if you haven't 💀💀 what's you'rs?!?

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On this week's episode, the gang finally gets around to a hotly anticipated title, the absolutely fun and ridiculous, Samurai Cop! The final selection in the now-defunct Patreon Selects tier, this D-Grade cult classic features one of the worst wigs in cinema history, no less than five parking lot fight scenes, and several goons on PCP! PLUS: Patrick Stewart and the TNG cast get dragged to the film's big Hollywood "premiere!"

Samurai Cop stars Robert Z'Dar, Mathew Karedas (here as Matt Hannon), Janis Farley, Mark Frazier, Melissa Moore, Gerald Okamura, Dale Cummings, Cranston Komuro, and Joselito Rescober as "Costa Rican Waiter"; directed by Amir Shervan.

And hey, gang, be sure to catch us this year at the L.A. Podfest, October 6-8. More information is available at!

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Gloria E. Anzaldúa’s 75th Birthday

Date: September 26, 2017

For writer and scholar Gloria E. Anzaldúa, a border wasn't just a line on a map: it was a state of mind and a viewpoint on life. Born on this date in 1942 in the Rio Grande Valley, Anzaldúa possessed an astounding gift for transforming dividing lines into unifying visions.

Growing up on ranches and farms in Texas-Mexico border towns, Anzaldúa developed a profound appreciation for the earth and its riches. She fell in love with art and writing as a way to capture the magic of the landscape around her. She also faced racism and isolation, but that didn't stop her from becoming a stellar scholar. After graduating from Pan American University in 1969, Anzaldúa taught migrant students, traveling with them to serve as a liaison with school boards.

She realized early on that she lived in many worlds at once: she was both American and Mexican, both native and foreigner. "It's not a comfortable territory to live in, this place of contradictions," Anzaldúa noted. She understood that the way forward was not to choose a side, but to embrace a third place — a land of both, not either/or.

Anzaldúa mapped this new frontier with her pen. Her most famous work, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, alternates between English and Spanish and includes a variety of forms — from poem to prose, from critique to confessional. This striking mix of voices and perspectives earned Borderlands a place on Literary Journal's list of best books of 1987.

In 1977, she moved to California, where her writing soon became known in academic circles. Her theories had impact across disciplines, including Chicano/a Studies, Women's Studies, LGBT Studies, and Postcolonial Studies. She was awarded a posthumous Ph.D. in literature by the University of California Santa Cruz.

Today's Doodle celebrates Anzaldúa's ability to live across borders, whether geographical, social, or philosophical.  She put it best: "To survive the Borderlands / you must live sin fronteras / be a crossroads."

Location: United States


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With Jigsaw coming out soon and the entire Saw series on Amazon Prime, and I decided to give them all a watch over the last week. I have to say, I had a blast. Everybody complains that the story is convoluted, but I found it pretty easy to follow! Granted I watched them all close together. They’re no miracles of storytelling, writing, editing, or really much beyond some inventive death traps but I’m a little confused by the hate the horror community throws at it. I was wondering what you guys thought. Do you think these movies are as bad as people say they are?

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Hey all I'm finally going through a home reno and would like to put an antenna or two into my attic on the second floor. I'm not sure if I can/want to split a single antenna to multiple tvs. There is a fair amount of attic space, but I'm not sure I want to go as big as a 4-bay. Here is my TVFool report. TIA!

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